Audreys Story

From the beginning...

October 21st 2010: Audrey is conceived unknowingly. Exactly a year after mommy and daddy started dating.

November 4th 2010: Surprise! It's a BFP

December  2nd 2010: The first ultrasound at 8 weeks. Baby measures 17 mm. It looks like a little gummy bear!

 January 4th 2011: The second ultrasound at 12 weeks. Baby was jumping all over the place!

Mommy has a noticeable baby bump! 
January 7th 2011: The third ultrasound (first one at the hospital) at 13 weeks and 1 day.

March 1st 2011: The fourth ultrasound (second one at the hospital) at 20 weeks and 5 days. IT'S A GIRL! Baby seems to be sleeping. She is curled up in a ball. Heart beat can be heard at 143 bpm. Everything measures up to par, but technician cannot view her chest cavity. She calls in the doctor to try and get baby to come out of the ball. After an hour of stomach shaking, pressure and a vaginal ultrasound, another appointment is set up for the end of March to finish measuring her.
 March 2nd 2011: Mommy and daddy go to Babies R Us to pick out an outfit, shoes, and headband for Audrey to come home in.

March 8th 2011: Regular OB appointment. Belly has grown. Doctor pulls out the doppler, cannot find the heart beat. She thinks baby is being stubborn, but head over to the ultrasound room. No heart beat is seen on the monitor. Doctor calls the hospital to schedule us an emergency ultrasound. We meet with the same doctor who delivered the previous tortuous ultrasound. It is confirmed that Audrey has passed. We head back to my OB's office and discuss our options. I choose an induced labor the following morning. 

March 9th 2011: Induction begins. Takes a few hours before the medicine starts up the contractions. Epidural given around 2 or 3 am. 

March 10th 2011: Wake up around 6 am. I am fully dilated. The nurse calls my OB in. Audrey Madeline is delivered in one push at 6:46 AM. She ways 10 oz and is 9 1/2 inches long. She has daddies ears and mommy's round face. She looks perfect. The nurse takes Audrey's foot prints for me.
Here is the bear I received to take home with me from the hospital.

We love you Audrey Madeline.
I had an uneventful pregnancy. No morning sickness. I did have an increased gag reflex and heart burn from certain foods. I craved mostly fruit and a LOT of avocados. Every ultrasound and blood test came back normal. An autopsy was done on Audrey, which also came back normal. My thoughts are the doctor at my last ultrasound (in the hospital) somehow caused her passing, my doctor disagrees with me. I will never know why my Audrey went to heaven.

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Note: I do have pictures of my angel, but I will not be sharing these on my blog that is open to the public. Any friends that would like to see my pretty girl may ask me to see them.